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February 20, 2006


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I enjoyed Bach's "The Automatic Millionaire" and I look forward to reading this one too just as soon as my library gets it, or I otherwise get my hands on a copy. Wink, Wink. Nudge, nudge.

Seriously though, from what I recall of "The Automatic Millionaire" Bach's set it and forget it approach to paying yourself first is just the kind of advice that can help people who are intimidated by financial planning or who are otherwise disinclined to spend the time needed to manage their money on a regular basis. I'm interested to see whether Bach does as well with this topic or whether he's just pushing real estate because it's been the big thing in investments for the past couple of years.

I just customized my home page about a week ago and I have been on free money finance at least once a day. I have heard of David Bach and am on my way to the library right now for "Automatic Millionaire" (Maybe Amazon or Barnes n Noble), but I sure would be shocked if I was just finishing his first and all of a sudden WAM!!! WhOOSH!!! KAPLOW!! There is my winning name bold faced in green. I may just become the avid reader I use to be. Thank You free reader, some people need free advice and we appreciate it!!

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