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February 20, 2006


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Let me start by saying that I really enjoy visiting your site. (ok, brown nosing aside....)

I had to comment on this one as I have had bad luck with Sears service in the past, and it seems like you had a somewhat similar experience, and are calling it good service. I couldn't find out the exact timeline of your story, but it seems like you purchased this machine about two or three weeks ago, and you still don't have an assembled working machine in your house yet. You've had to spend a lot of time going back and forth with Sears to get the problem resolved, and it is STILL not resolved. Why wouldn't they send the guy to assemble it with the delivery?

Our similar experience was with a dryer. When it was delivered, we were told that there was a small dent in the back of the dryer that was cosmetic and wouldn't be a problem with the function of the dryer. We accepted it slightly discounted for the "cosmetic" damage. A few weeks later, the dryer was not working. We called out for service, and they told us that the drum was damaged (from that "cosmetic" dent). We got the runaround from Sears for three or four weeks before we got someone that told us that we needed to bring in our receipt to Sears and schedule them to deliver a new one. So we did that the next day and it was another week or so before we could get it delivered. Long story short (too late) we were out a dryer for 1-2 months with a NEW dryer from Sears.

I don't mean to ramble on, but I would warn you not to count your chickens before you're actually USING your new elliptical machine..... GOOD LUCK with your Sears "service"

John --

For me, I just like the fact that Sears backed up their product. It's what a retailer is supposed to do which is in stark contrast to an experience I had with Target during the same time frame. (I'll be posting on that next week, I hope).

I do not yet have the ellipitical assembled (I could have done it myself this weekend, but I was busy) and rest assured, I'm tracking the situation. I'm giving them this week to get it set up to maintain my satisfaction. Otherwise, you'll be seeing a post titled "Sears Blows it". ;-)

I had bought a pair of front struts for my Nissan Altima 2002at the Sears located at Valley Stream N.Y 11581. I was informed was that these unit were lifetime warrantied.
About 6 month after I started hearing noise coming from these struts,took it back to the auto center ,and was told that they could not find the problem, within about 3 weeks time I took my car back again ,they eventually told me then thatmy steering rack was giving the knocking noise ,I took the car to my auto shop ,and they found no such problem.
Took it back again and related what the auto shop had told me,they eventually check it and found 1 of the struts was bad and i was told that it would have to ordered,as it was not in stock at the time,I was told to return in one week time for the replacement.
When I went back, I was told by a Rep that the strut was never ordered and I had to return the following week (this was totally a waste of my time).
On returning the following week they had the struts but on checkin the car ,found that there was something loose in the suspension.
1 month later start hearing the same noise again,took it back again ,on checkin the car they said that a link was bad, had that replace,still the same noise,took it back ,they said that there was no problem found,took it to my auto shop to have it check,and was told that the strut was indeed bad.
Took it back to Sears, they told me that my tires were bad, I replace all 4 tires,the same problem.
Took it back,was told that my ball joint was bad,By this time I am just spending money because these people (Sears Auto) just would not change the damn strut.
I eventually bought a (used) ball joint assembly (which at the dealer was $350.00 which was more than the 2 struts would have cost me installed at Sears)
had that replaced with the same result (NOISE STILL)took the car back yesterday.
they tested it and told me that my linkage on the strut was bad,I told the tech (I HAD PREVIOUSLY REPLACE IT),upon evulating the struts ,he eventually found that one of the struts to be not as firm as the other.
He reported his findings to the manager (MR HAVIER).The manager told the tech that my control arm was replaced and that my car was probably involve in an accident or something ,an that he would not entertain replacing any strut,because of the used part which I install.
I just took my car out of that place,and am going to have the both struts install at the dealer.


Now you tell me what kind of service is that???????????????


NEVER & I MEAN NEVER buy a lawn tractor from sears. I will give you the play by play on my experience with this company (if that's what you call it).

1. Rear tire sidewall fails & eggs out. 15 days after purchase. Called service dept for in home waranty work. Got run around from rep wanting me to replace the tire as it would be 2 weeks before an appt can be scheduled. I waited for the appt. Took 1/2 day off work as had to be present when tech was there. Tech calls me before arriving in middle of service window & says he has to order tire. So I wasted a 1/2 day of vacation.
2. When he does show up 2 weeks later after ordering tire. He calls & say he can't get bead to seat & will have to take tire to shop to mount & won't have it done until tomorrow. He returns next day with mounted tire on all scratched up rim. Rim is damaged due to working on it on driveway surface, unprotected. Said he had to put tube in it to seat bead on new tire. BS he did not know how to seat the bead. Low pressure tires will cut valve stems. Rim is trashed.
3. Argued with tech's supervisor regarding tube & parts view show tube so tube must be right.......WRONG. rim is still trashed.
4. Negotiated with supervisor after this for a new rim & I will handle the remounting....OK rim shows up in grey......NOT white as on the tractor.
5. Called supervisor & left 2 messages..unreturned calls. Finally after another 2 weeks get ahold of supervisor & discuss the grey rim...get a return call in my voice mail & informs me all replacement rims are grey & thats the way it is.
6. I call the supervisor & leave message to a cell phone that has been shut off (intentionally ??) saying this is unacceptable & have not gotten the coutesy of a return call.
7. Top it was bought on a 12 month no interest deal & their credit company bills me for interest.

DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE. If I knew now I would have spent the extra $100 & bought the JD.

Sears is not that great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bought a Pressure washer in May 2005 & within 2 months had it back in for repair. I used it only twice last year & stored it away inside my house to make sure it would not freeze. I did not think to take it out in May this year to check it out. In July I took it out & no pressure at all. They told me over & over my warantee expired & I said I understand but have only used it twice. After a number of phone calls , the Cust. Relations dept. gave me a $200.00 coupon towards the repair. Now they are telling me it will cost $243.00 to replace the pump. The whole thing only cost $239.00. The pump is $125.00 & they are charging $118.00 for fixing it. This will cost me another $50.00 with tax to get it back. I have already spent $239.00 to buy it. What if I had been a regular customer without a coupon. How idiotic is it to tell someone it will cost more to fix than it will to buy another one. They also do not make the weedeaters they sell anymore, they are made by Ryobi & are not anygood anymore. Signed , a lost Sears customer forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rick doesn't know what he is talking about ryobi doesn't make their own weedeaters. Most weedeaters are eather made by MTD or Electrolux. also everything these days is made on a assembly line rather than whittled from wood.

I will never EVER suppor tsears. aprently i was told by the national customer hotline they dont need customers like me tha tpend 700 dolalrs on tires. The are fraud about their extra cost tire warranty, i will laugh when they go bankrupt. Im 20 years old and will make sure EVERyone i know family, friends, aquantinces will never buy form sears again.


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