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February 24, 2006


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My son is 24 and I put his 401(k) into a S&P Index, international index and small cap index figuring he could skip the bonds for now.

63? holey shamolies! Now I don't feel so bad! :P

The reason I got into the PFblogosphere (PF BoS?) was to benchmark my personal finances with others in the same I'm glad I saw your post today since yours is a similar situation to mine. (minus about 40 funds...ok I'll stop! :) ). I am also just starting to move toward index investing, for the benefits you mention above.

I fought indexing for so long, figuring (praying) I'd be able to beat the market, to no avail. So like you, I'm giving in to the power and simplicity of indexing.

Tax deferred/free accounts are easy to do (although I haven't done mine yet...must...stop...being...lazy), but its the taxable ones that I can't seem to let go of, because of the tax consequence.

The PF BoS has already proved its value to me, since I can see I'm not the only one racking my brain over issues just like this. I'll be sure to benchmark / follow you progress.

You made my day!

Good luck, index away! :D


I'm 26 and will probably forgo bonds for the near future. I have a HELOC (as part of an 80/15 mortgage) that has a negative yield of 8%, so I figure any potential bond money should go into this instead.

I read 2 great books recently:
1. Investing For Dummies
2. Mutual Funds for Dummies

I have 10 Vanguard Mutual Funds
5 index / 5 Managed.
30% Bonds / 35% Domestic Stock / 35% Intl Stock

Index Funds - Non-Retirement
Managed Funds - Retirement

Now I'm a Dummy and proud of it!!

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