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February 13, 2006


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Please don't take it as a personal attack or anything, but my 5 year old has had her own digital camera for over a year (Olympus D-395) and it's still running strong. Maybe you should teach your kids to respect your equipment. Since she was three I trusted her with me Olympus C-5050 and my GF regularly lets both our 5 and 2 year old use her Olympus D-595. I realize accidents happen, and maybe I've just been lucky, but we've taught her to always use her wrist strap if she is either carrying or using the camera and it's saved the device probably countless times.

PS . . . As you can tell, I also really like Olympus. the D395 was only purchased because we were going through so many disposable cameras and film that it just made sense to get her a little digital since she can go through 24 pictures in about 4 minutes.

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