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March 08, 2006


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I took my time before getting married - didn't want it to be a mistake. And it would have been, in at least three cases. Saved myself three divorces (which is, oddly enough, the number my brother had before he gave up the chase) and then I found the right woman about 14 years ago... dang, how time flies when you're having fun!


Your article about big money blunder hits the mark.

Money is a very mysterious commodity.

If you don't have enough of it, you feel unhappy.

But when you have too much of it, again, it can cause many problems for you.

And if you have it but don't spend it, it is usless.

And if you spend it and it is gone, again you feel unhappy.

Ikey Benney

Just Post about something I'm seeing a friend go through right now.

When he got divorced, he agreed to pay his ex $N alimony every month for a year to help pay off the credit card she had dug herself into a hole with after they split up... their settlement didn't actually call it "alimony" though. He claimed it as such in his taxes... He got audited and the IRS didn't agree... since their divorce agreement didn't actually call it "alimony", it wasn't...

so, I guess the lesson is either make sure it's called alimony in the settlement or don't claim it on your taxes, even if that is what you and your ex decided it was.

Many centuries ago, when not too many women were working, the concept of alimony made sense, as a way to help a newly divorced woman to get on with life without too much suffering. But now, most women work, so this concept should be revised.
I think the law that compels a man to leave his house to his wife when they divorce is very unfair and should be abolished.

From the comments by internet-income, etc., I assume the poster is unfamiliar with what is actually happening in the divorce courts (family courts) today. Don't believe everything you hear. There is no law compelling a man (or a court) to leave a house (and it is THEIR house, not his) to the woman (no longer "HIS" wife, btw). I really do assume that the writer of that piece is a man; perhaps because the writer assumed male ownership of everything (house, wife).

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