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March 08, 2006


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A friend of mine who owns a construction company takes work from a large home improvement store; essentially the same situation as with your local repair company and Sears. And from what I know of their business after working there for a couple of months at one time, the delays and hassles are almost always on the side of the selling company. They don't send the estimate request in time; they don't order and provide the materials in time; and basically if there isn't a good, responsive contact on the "inside" of the selling company, things are very difficult to get done. Then at the back end, it can be a headache for the local contractor to get paid for the work that's been done, even though the customer has paid up front to the selling company. It seems like for smaller local providers, it's kind of danged-if-you-do, danged-if-you-don't.

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