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March 27, 2006


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I have a suggestion for fellow parents. If your child is learning a foreign language in school, join in. Invest a little money in a textbook and a dictionary and learn right along with your child. Obviously, this approach works best if your child is just starting. My son will be starting to learn German next fall (or at least that was his first choice for a foreign language). I'm going to study right along with him.

I lift weights four times a week and do some cardio at least three times a week (run, hike, kayak). A big part of taking care of yourself physically which many (most) people neglect is their diet. It has taken me a while, but I've completely changed mine. I used to eat out all the time and thought nothing of eating a whole pizza by myself, but now I'm strictly a low fat, fruit and vegetables kind of guy. I have never gotten into crosswords, but to keep myself mentally challenged I like to read (150 books last year) and my job as a software engineer keeps me on my toes.

Dave --

Good for you! Diet is my biggest challenge. In fact, that's why I rode 4,000 miles on a bike last year, so I could eat more ice cream. ;-)

I read voraciously, write voraciously, and lift weights and run constantly. I keep myself busy. My job also requires a lot of creative problem solving.

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