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March 06, 2006


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Great resource for fiscal stewardship.

OK, I'd like to have this book so this is my zero calorie, no value contribution today. :-)

OK, I'll play.

btw. Nice blog. I'm astounded by the quantity of posting you do.

Thanks especially for your the link to YNAB. It has proved very helpful.


I could use a good book for my daily commute on the metro.

I really want to read this book. Here's hoping for luck.

I'd love to have a copy of this book. Thanks for the great blog and the great giveaways!

We have the Automatic Millionaire and love it. Hopefully we can win this book!

I just came across your blog this weekend. I've read just about as many articles as time would allow. Thanks for posting. I was interested in your postings on "The Automatic Millionaire", and wanted to learn more. My fingers are crossed.

Pick me! Pick me!

Me!!! Me!!!

no, pick me!

Oh I have been wanting to read that book.

I'll bite. I've never had any luck with these things, but, who knows?

I'm in :)

I can jump on the real estate bandwagon like everyone else...sign me up.

Count me in.

This will be one more contest I enter and don't win - I keep trying though.

Me Me !!!! Great Blog by the way!

If Ilyse Glink says recommends it, and I can actually do it…I’m doing it! I mean, who else is going to do it for me? This is very interesting reading! Love the site!

I'm in, thanks!

I won a previous contest a week or so ago.... can I win again?

I would love to check this book out. Thanks.

Yes, John, you can win again. ;-)

I'd love to read this book and I love the blog!

Read your review & would like a copy of the book.


I am always up for a good book to read.

I read the first chapter in the bookstore and debated buying it. I would love to add it to my library.

I'm really interested in reading this book (I'm in the process of trying to buy a house), and the price is right...

I agree with Beren's the market for a house (for the past year now) and free is the best price I can think of. If I don't win, then hopefully the library stocks a copy or two of the book in the near future.

It's insteresting to know what people splurge on after all the savings. I'm in for the free book. Thanks.

Tortoise vs. hare

Well, I won't state the obvious that I want a copy (oops, guess I did). For the winner of the free book, I will glady pay ten dollars above face value for a that copy.


Sure, why not!

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!
Worth reading the blog. And you made leaving a comment is also worthwhile. Qick question though, whatever happens to the mailing address after the giveaway!!!

good book

yes please!

Trying again.

I bought my nephews copies of this book for Christmas. Was tempted to read it before sending it to them but didn't get the chance... So, I'll throw my hat in the ring for one of these here free copies... :)

Another try...

I'll put in an entry for this.

Thank you for offering it!

I would love to have your book

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