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March 07, 2006


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Very cool idea. Although I don't know if I would ever see myself as a millionaire or a homeowner. But who knows!

Day 2

Thanks for this informative blog!

Still hoping to win. My wife & I put most of our emphasis in our house/


Trying again.

I'm in.

second try.

Second Try.

Pick me!!!!!

I have a US Mailing address too :-)


Woo hoo! Another free book entry.

I am feeling lucky this today:)

Hook me up

I'm in again.

Thanks for a shot at another book.

I'm in! Thanks for the great (and extensive!) blog. I never miss an article.

D'oh. Looks like I posted my comment yesterday at the wrong place.

trying again...

A winnar is me?

Since I'm here, let's try it again!

Feeling lucky today....


Thanks for the chance to win the book.

Booyah!!! Bullman!!! Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

2 is my lucky #

I have tried my hand at both renting and homeowning. I think the pleasures of homeownership are highly overrated and the financial benefits are highly under-rated. So it comes down to whats important to you..being happy and poor or being rich and sad :)

Try, Try, again!

Congratulations to the first day winner. I would keep trying.

In again.

Second try =))

Back for more.

I read your brog daily. Keep up the good info.

Never hurts to try...

I'm in too

Congrats to the first winner and thanks for the great blog.

Second try...

I would LOVE the book. I want to pay off my mortgage in 10-15 years... (that is, when I get the courage to buy!)

I'm in

This is a great site. Lots of good info. Book sounds intriguing.

Great site!

Based on the probability and possible permutations I may have a slim chance of getting this book .. but it doesn't hurt to make an attempt ......

New member; trying for the free book; I am hopeing that I can get out of my Credit Card debt soon. I built up a $17K debt because I did not know about Outsourcing until the middle of 2003. I just kept looking for Information Tech jobs while depleting my Mutual Funds.
I also had to pay my rent, groceries and other necessaties with my C.C.s during that time (started in October 2000). In addition, my Attention Deficeit Disorder causes me to lose jobs a lot. Got answers?

Getting tougher with more readers...

Wow, 42 posts already.
Oh well, one chance out of 43 isn't too bad.

2nd try.

It would be nice to have some luck for a change


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