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March 29, 2006


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Thanks for this great post. This is a reminder for me to work on my will! Thanks again.

We had a family situation a few years ago where a guardian was NOT named for a seven-year-old child. His mother died and his father (M's uncle) became too ill to care for him. BAD BAD SITUATION. He bounced around for several months and then finally landed with some family thousands of miles away from his school and his friends.

My wife & I have discussed this a lot for our 2 yr old son & finalised on her brother (~5 yrs younger to us & currently unmarried & adores our son). However, our concern is what happens once he gets married & plans a family. Will he have the freedom to shift the guardianship to someone more relevant or will he be stuck with our son for good? Next, what happens if something happens to him? Can he name a guardian for our son in his will? Any advice would help get some peace of mind...

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