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March 30, 2006


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In this article it states that 70% of adults don't have a will. Where did this statistic come from?

I got it from the MSNBC article linked to above. Click through to it for details.

My wife names as the first in line as the Bequest in her mothers will.
She waqs left nothing else except part of the house when it is sold.She was not left anything personal so would that mean that she gets all the things that her mother did not leave to others.Does this also include bank Accounts and money returned from a funeral fund.All her debts should come out of the sale of the house and not money in the bank.Am i correct.She is very hurt by not being left anything and i dont think she knows what a Bequest is.
Many thanks.

To bequest means that you wanna leave someone something doesn't it ? What does waqs mean ?

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