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March 27, 2006


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Amen to that. I'm a huge tree fan (and tree snob) and that's been one of the most difficult things about living in new construction (we had our house built about 4 years ago). That first summer/fall I spent much of my outdoor time planting trees. A few things to think about... Many of the most 'popular' trees suck when it comes to longevity, robustness, etc. They're popular because they're cheap (for the builder) and they grow fast. Unfortunately, fast growth often correlates with poor branching structure, weak wood, etc. My best advice on this is to do your research, and to also try to select trees that are native to your area, as they'll tend to be hardier in your local growing conditions. I went so far as to remove a couple of non-native trees (Bradford and Cleveland pears, which are the bane of suburbia) and replace them with native specimens. The only downside for me is that we're now moving, and I won't get to see my 'babies' grow up (then again, I have plenty of real babies to keep me busy).

When I was looking for houses this go around with my realtor, she very quickly surmised, "You won't even look at a house that doesn't have lots of mature trees, will you?"

She was right.


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Although this may be true, it does not work as well in hurricane prone areas. People see trees as a danger to thier house.

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