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March 31, 2006


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10 Nasty Money Habits to Kick and Poverty to Prosperity are clear winners!

My favorite is "Getting Rich is Simpler than You Think". I think that the power of compounding is not truly understood by the majority of people. Which is why they cash out thier 401Ks, and why young people don't contribute more to retirement funds.

I have to go for Getting Rich is Simpler and P2P. I like the first because, as the title says, the steps are very simple. It just takes time and discipline. The second wins for the same reason. These two posts are a good combination.

I pick What do you splurge on & Getting Rich...
in this round.

I like Getting Rich is Simpler than You Think the best. This one applied to my situation the most.

Next would be What Do You Splurge On as that one unfortunatelu applies as well.

I feel the most practically useful posts that go beyond the basics are:

"10 Nasty Money Habits to Kick" & "Poverty to Prosperity"

I like the simple truths in "Poverty to Prosperity"

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