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March 21, 2006


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Another tip for cheap gas: Check to see if the gas station sells gift cards at a discount. There are a small handful out there that do this. If you find one, buy the gift card with your rebate credit card, then go use it. Wal-Mart does this... There are others.

An interesting thing about expensive gas is the taxes on it. Many pumps display the high taxes that are tacked on. We get taxed so much because gasoline demand is inelastic... Meaning, consumers don't change their consumption patterns much as prices go up.

When shopping for cheaper gas, check your gas mileage. If you are paying 5% less for your gas but consuming 10% more because your vehicle doesn't like what the cheaper station feeds it, it isn't worth penny pinching.

Check my site for my attempt at a 'real cost of gas' calculator. I know I'm missing something, probably the trip home, etc.

I have a BJs Wholesale Club right next to where I work (literally on the way). I almost never have to wait when I stop to fill up on the way to work -- on the way out, there is frequently a three or four car line at each pump. So, in this case the early bird really can get the proverbial worm. :)

Furthermore, folks should check if they can get a discounted membership to their local wholesale club through their employers. I do!

Yes, gas is getting more expensive....but everything is relative. Gas in large parts of Europe are up to $8/gallon, now that's expensive!!!

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