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March 06, 2006


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I always watch the price at the register because quite often something is out of sync or it can accidently get rung up twice or the cashier might have their hand on the scale by accident when weighing the's good to know you are paying what you are supposed to.

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This way of shopping does not seem very honorable. I support making sure the correct prices are charged-- but to take advantage of a store on what is obviously a mistake seems to be unethical. After all, the store absorbs the cost that you didn't pay (a fair price, by the way) and can either raise prices as a whole to make up for them, or lay off workers to compensate the loss.

Look for deals at yard sales, or eBay, where people want less for items. Be ethical in your purchases- perhaps the retailer would be willing to take off 10% due to their mistake, but don't rob them blind.

Holly --

Maybe, but it's the law here in Michigan. If an item is priced at any price (and the tag isn't tampered with -- isn't a fake), they have to honor the price marked.

In the opposite circumstance, do you think the store would notice/tell you if you accidently over-paid for an item?

so let say that your shopping online for a car, and IN ERROR the price was off by a "zero".

Orig price 13,990.00
and now is 1,390.00

is this to be honored?
are there legal issues?

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