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March 14, 2006


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Great post, I am a new reader who lives in Las Vegas. I work in the lending industry and see people in these loans everyday. It is so funny to me to hear people my age (29) talk about the stability of the housing market and so on, when they were not old enough to remember the last time the bottom fell out. Anyway thanks for the great site.

Ryan Tomaino

Take a look at the article below: "Interest-only mortgage deja vu" it talks about the problems of interest only mortgages in the 1920s and how new adjustable interest only mortgages are only making matters worse for uninformed homeowners.

Great article! I'll be linking to it tomorrow. If could figure out exactly how trackbacks work, I'll make it appear here.

mapgirl -- Put this trackback code (above):

in the spot where it says "sites to ping" (or some similar wording) in your blogging software. Then, when you publish the post, it will leave a link here.

Timely article. I always caution my clients from over extending themselves. Pity some of them don't listen. Sometimes doing what is best for the client causes the client to go with another company. And that's fine with me.

Over two years ago we refinance our house amd the apprl. came in at 165000 and now they are telling us the our house is only worth maybe 110-120 if were to try to sell... We aren't even able to refinance to get our monthly payments lower. We are currently paying 1400.00 each month and this does not include taxes and insurance. Any help they you may be able to give us would be so greatly appriciated..

Thanks for your time..

Shelly Hicks

Shelly --

Do you have a specific question?

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