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March 24, 2006


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New Jersey car insurance can be very expensive. How does it compare to other states rates?

"fall into the trap of just going with the same old carrier you've always been with -- especially when their premiums jump up"

This is so important. Many people think that they can't find a better deal online. Most carriers bracing themselves as their competition begins using the internet for marketing all their insurance products.

My Dad was hunting for insurance for there cabin in the lake. He found the best deal online. (only after I convinced him to at least try)


Once a year I audit all my expenses in the attempt to live below my means. This year I focused on car insurance and found a plan that saved my about 50%! I wrote about it on my blog at The company is A+ rated and the parent is AIG. I noticed they are not in all states, but its worth a look.

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