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March 09, 2006


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My dealership offers the same "benefits" to our waiting customers. However, our oil changes are a bit less -- $28 plus change. And you can shave that down to $12 (labor only) if you bring your own oil and filter, which you could get cheaper pretty much anywhere else.

Worth considering, yes?

I watch my mail and regularly receive coupons from the manufacturer to get my cars serviced at their dealer for $22.95 instead of $34.95. This puts them in the range of the discount places. I also have the feeling that if I have them serviced regularly at the dealer, when I have a problem, there will be no question of whether I have diligently taken care of them.


I'm willing to pay a cleaning service once a month to scrub the place from top to bottom while I'm gone at work. I live in a 2 bed/2 bath condo, so it would only take a couple of hours to clean the place. But I work full time and go to school part time. Given the choice between sleeping in an extra hour or two each Saturday morning and cleaning, I'd choose sleeping any day. It's really the only thing I pay more for to save myself some time.

But if you eat all those free doughnuts, won't you gain weight? And I thought I remembered an article here about how losing weight could help save money :D

I've got a 12-year old Saturn that I still routinely return to the dealer for service. Similar reasons as above (free coffee, internet, clean rest-rooms, etc.), but additionally, for several years, it was the only car that Saturn produced (albeit with 2 engine options). Mechanics seem to stay there for a while, so they should pretty well know the car inside out. The folks there are very courteous and always remind me of discounts, coupons, etc. With the likelyhood of trading for another vehicle there, all my info on keeping it maintained will be there as well.

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