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March 14, 2006


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I just found 99.99 in unclaimed money!!

Thanks for posting this!

From what I understand, these sites are also used to "smoke out" people who have creditors after them. A friend of mine used to work for a collections agency and he said that you'd be shocked by the number of people who, after going "underground" for owing thousands of dollars, would pop up to claim a $20 credit. He said that many times the "found money" would be at the same company that the person owed money to, indicating that some companies invent credits to collect unpaid debts this way. Gotta wonder if the IRS does the same thing.

State of CT has a web site for this kind of thing, also publishes lists in newspapers periodically. A library aide from our local elementary school called one day to tell me she read my son's name on one of these lists - he was 25 at the time and she remembered his name! - anyway he had a $600+ check waiting for him. Somehow he either didn't pick up a last paycheck or didn't cash it. Anyway, point is in CT the claimed money comes from a special account the state has, not a company so no reason not to claim it.

wow, found $296.84! thanks for the info!

Texas owes my Dad $131.91!!! Thanks!

Canadian equivalent to

Canadian equivalent to

Looking to see if there is any money out there that I didn't know that I may have. was mentioned last Friday at CNBC's "On The Money".

I found money in my name 6 months ago. It is no longer listed. I lived in Richmond at the time. Now I live in Sacramento. Please help

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