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April 25, 2006


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Air filters are really easy, just look in your owners manual. Generally, you just need to lift a cover, pull the dirty filter out, put the clean one in, and replace the cover. It's easier than adding windshield washer fluid.

Easier than windshield washer fluid? I'm there!!!!!

Regarding #3 about the A/C, your A/C compressor is run every time you turn on your Windshield Defogger, it removes the moisture from the air run through so as to not add more condensation to your windshield while trying to defrost it.

Air filters aren't quite as cut-and-dried as this suggests. Two examples: (1) My current van has a cabin air filter behind the glovebox that filters the air coming in from the A/C. My local lubey-lube wants $40 to replace it. My local auto parts stores charge $30 for it, but much of the time they are out of stock. Online, the prices are about the same, but with shipping it comes out close to $40. I call it worth $10 not to drive to 3 parts stores. Example (2): In my previous van, the air filter was (stupidly enough) deep in the engine - about 30 minutes' worth of dis-/re-assembly. I'm happy to pay lubey-lube's $8 markup to avoid that. Finally, note that ineffective wipers frequently don't need to be replaced - they just need to be cleaned.

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