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April 26, 2006


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I got snookered on the extended warrantee. When I figure out the math now, it completely irks me -- I could have had the car paid off about 3 months earlier if I hadn't taken it. My car is a reliable brand, so I shouldn't have done it (so far, no repairs) time I will know better.

I have to respectfully disagree on the extended warranty thing. I got a flat and ended up buying 4 new tires for my SUV from Just Tires and spent almost $400. The warranty, which repairs or replaces the tires for free for the lifetime of the tires, was an extra 11 bucks. I said what the hey and bought it. 2 days later, a picked up a nail in my rear left tire on the way to the lake. I called Just Tires and they towed me to the nearest store and replaced the tire for free. If I hadn't spent the extra $11, I would have had to buy a whole new tire!

While it may not be prudent to buy the warranty for electronics, I'd highly recommend it for things like tires.

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