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April 12, 2006


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I'm in my mid 30s at I've given up on the concept of retirement. The only time I've ever been hired is when I worked fast food. It's been low paying "Contract" jobs or nothing at all.

Retirement. What a joke.

Then you gotta start! As time goes on it gets more infectious and you actually want to see the results. I've had some big ups and downs and I still prioritize it. I hope things turn around for you.

I find the results both VERY disturbing and internally consistent.

DISTURBING -- those of us who DO save will be increasingle taxed (god forbid a wealth tax ever come into existence) in order to support the morons who do not save.

INTERNALLY CONSISTENT -- 4 of 10 are reported to be "somewhat confident" while "four in 10 say they have calculated their savings needs for retirement". The survey summary seems to imply that reality differs from perception, but I think there is actually a subset, somewhat less than 50%, that is aware of retirement needs and managing them, as well as a slight majority that is clueless. It's those clueless people that disturb me (see above). Can we just kill them off or do we need to take care of them because life is precious?

Its hard to save when the average american's debt is increasing two fold. Credit card debt is out of control and people are buying homes at costs at much more than they can afford. Everything from no-interest loans to 40 year loans will cause americans to work much longer than they think they will have to. It is a "must have now attitude" that might cripple our national economy in years to come. It will be these same people who will then say the government owes them something and expect them to bail them out. What is even more scary is that probably over 80% of the people are not prepared for long term injury or lost jobs. These things are even worse on families. Life is a crap-shoot, so we need to start having alternative plans that will make life easier in the long term. Having expensive houses and cars now does not make it any easier now than having an affordable home and car. It can happen, we are putting away approx 20% of our income to savings and retirement while having disability insurance to cover the unthinkable injury. We will have our house paid off in less than 15 years since we purchased it new. All this in one income and having two children. We are not rich, however, we do not have such luxuries as cable TV, driving SUV's, or eating out 2-3 days a night. Our life is simple, but not poverished. We count our blessings everyday...and we pray that many other will be able too.

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