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April 02, 2006


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I can't speak for my wallet, but I certainly feel a little "richer" going to church each week. All the money in the world can't make you happy, but trusting in God and sharing your wealth with the less fortunate (even if you're not that fortunate yourself) certainly can.

I just wanted to say thank you for posting on tithing and God. I think it adds a lot to this site, so please keep posting them. Thanks.

I appreciate your comments about God and money. I've learned a lot from your site, and have recently started testing God by tithing. So far, so good. I've always admired those who I know have always tithed quietly and seem to have more wealth than they need. I hope God helps me get there.

Your site is my favorite for money information. I agree that God and tithing is a way to wealth. Only wish others would talk more about it.

I personally don't see the connection. I'm not really a religious person myself, yet my non-existent church-going doesn't seem to be hurting my finances. I give to select charities and serve my communities where possible.

I'd buy the fact that those who surround themselves with others who handle their money well, will improve their own financial security through knowledge sharing, networking and enhanced support structures. But I can do that in a lot of community based groups outside of religious ones.

But, if religion gives you peace of mind, and a structure to be kind to others and to yourself, and you manage your money as well, it sounds like you've got a good thing going on your own path, just like I do on mine and I wish you the best.

I find religion is for the weak of mind. Why would you want to give your hard earned money away to organization that have caused so much death and sufferering in the world?

Thanks so much for addressing money issues when it comes to the Bible. More people need to heed the wisdom that it has concerning money. Keep it up!

I too appreciate your site and was pleased to see you addressing the real source of wealth... God. The suffering at the hands of people claiming to be doing God's will is from misinterpretation of the Bible and often selfish motives (just given a noble cause as an excuse.) You cannot claim that all employees of Enron were corrupt, just b/c of the decisions of few. Dale, I'm sorry you feel so superior to so many around the world who acknowledge the supremacy of God, is must be lonely...

I like the idea of tithing because it helps people do God's work, but it bothers me to see it described as a "tit for tat" situation: I give to God so God will bless me. It's like putting a condition on the Lord, and it doesn't acknowledge that blessings aren't just monetary. It's good to give (regardless of motivation) but the gift of Jesus's sacrifice isn't one that we can ever repay, so I feel weird about expecting a return from God for what I give. Also because in the bible, even the people God loved most had many trials and hardships, so I'm wary of equating living righteously with personal gain.

it isn't tithing that is at work. it is all about being comfortable with yourself. religion gives that to people. there is a lot to be said about believing that there are things that are beyond your control and controlled by a higher power. this allows you to focus on things that you can control. it is no wonder that all those addiction groups focus on this part of recovery. you can believe that it is because of your devotion that god is rewarding you, or something else. religion gives people hope and answers the "why" for people. this can be a big motivator and that is what people need: some sort of inspiration, a muse, or what not. the bottom line is that once you stop worrying about all those things that you cannot control and focus on the free will portion of life and the things you can control, life is much easier to grasp and pass through.

I'm not a religious person and have similar views as Laine above, but i can see where belief has an affect. my mom started her own business, and being the highly risk averse person, she would never have thought about doing something so risky before going to church regularly. she continues to go "religiously" to church, and her business has boomed. i don't consider her success a reward for her devotion, but the fact that she has been more at peace and focused in her life because of her faith.

I think one could also theorize that on average committed Christians tend to spend less money on vice -gambling, tobacco, alcohol, drugs.

Another theory is that studies show that people who budget their finances save an average of 10% a year. Simply by budgeting. People who are committed to tithing and giving of their finances also tend to budget.

Both of these theories could explain the disparity that Money magazine observes.

This is one of the best site covering all aspects of personal finance. Thank you for quoting Bible verses in your Sunday Post. I enjoy reading every Sunday, keep up the good work. Our family goes to Church every Sunday and tithing regularly. I want to let your readers know that God Blessed us abundantly and I agree with you that Church goers and helping poor is a pathway to wealth. May God richly bless you and your readers.


One thing that hasn't yet been mentioned is that just about all the world's religions discourage materialism. People who are less materialistic tend to spend less and thus, save more, if only by default.

I agree with most of the ideas above. One of them, however, really bothers me: "...recently started testing God by tithing. So far, so good." I hope this is simply a poor choice of wording. It seems to say that I'm paying my church to test whether I will get a good return on investment; If so, i'll keep paying. That certainly is not the reason I think we should have for giving (and in my opinion is not giving, but investing, i.e. expecting a financial payoff). I think there is a verse advising against testing God.

Brad, I agree. Most New Testament believers have committed all to Christ. The tenth is just the beginning and is a "reasonable service". We don't tithe to get more, we tithe because Christ has given us all we need and more.

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