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April 16, 2006


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Pick me.

try again.

My entry...

I'm in again, if I'm not the person who belongs in that _________ above. :)

Ha! So much for forward dating my post -- then not remembering to add in the winner! He's in now. Please proceed with the commenting. ;-)

I don't know how you can manage to give away a book a day... But I wouldn't mind being the recipient.

Hope all is well.

This time it me!

Happy Easter! I'm trying again, and again -- thanks!

Happy Easter everyone. ~Rod

I'm in!

Once again, Happy Easter!

Andrew this time ;)

Happy Easter, everyone.

Please pull my name from the magic hat. Thanks

OOh, ooh, pick me!!

Since I am a cat, I promise to have my human read it to me. Oh yes, and I hope you like my Carnival of the Capitalists entry this week.

All the best,
K T Cat

Like a bad penny, I'm here again!

You'd think my life is intense enough with all that I have going on, but I'll take a shot at this.

Enter me, please!

Here we go again...

Sundays try.

Trying for this great book...

Trying again...

Monday's Entry.

Another day, another entry

Enter away...

another day, another entry ...

oh come on!

Once more into the breach

Nice one. Got me to click through just to see who won!

Entry time!

I can really use it!

Trying again

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