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April 19, 2006


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I will not quit...I will win a free book

One more time.

In Again...

Sounds like a great book!


Today maybe?

Today is a good day!

This is the last try...

one more round...

Happy Hump Day! You made it over the hump!

I'm still in.

I'm in!


In again.

Here we go again.

Trying again

believe that you get



happy hump day!

Another attempt for something free!

trying again

I give up ;-)

First try!

I wonder if the Richest Man In Babylon read Career Intensity?

thanks for the opportunity

Hmm. The meowing didn't work. How about this?

Purrrrr purrrrr purrrrr (head bump) purrrr (head bump).....

Ya gotta play to win


I'm back for more.

Me too

I am a believer!

wow this is a bunch of books.

another try...

I'm in it to win it...

Here we go again.

it sucks not to win...


Trying again!

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