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April 21, 2006


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Me again

I'm in!

In again.

I want to win

Count me in

Please pick me.

Pick Me, Pick Me... ;)



Go FMF! Book? yes, please.

Coke and Taco!

I'm in again...

thanks for the chance.


This is getting to be a habit...

In again..

Here we go again ... TGIF

Back in again.


I have to win today!

A little help goes a long way.....

I love cycling .... Jason McCartney had a great ride in the TofG today. Floyd continues to lead.

Oh yeah. Would still like to win the book.

Any books on "Contest Intensity"? Maybe I would have better luck with the Powerball:)

Help, I'm losing my intensity!

yada yada yada... ~Rod


I'm trying again today!

I'll give it a shot....bam!

Trying again...


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