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April 24, 2006


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I'm in --- wishing a good week to all

Please enter me for the book!


hi, thanks for the opportunity.

Pick me! Pick me!

Love your blog; would love to win the book. ~KM

Pick me!

The final week!

Pick me, pick me!

In again..

again again... ;)

How about a winner right here?!


I'd appreciate consideration; this book will help me help more folks...

Free book? Sounds great, sign me up.

To making our own luck!!!


Pick me!


cut the cards, roll the dice

I'll try posting on the correct day this time, I believe.


today is the day

testing, 123

Mahna mahna!

maybe this time?

Pick me pick me.. ~Rod

make my day =)


This is a great way to get hits...

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