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April 01, 2006


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Wow. These two posts really ARE VERY similar. So I'm gonna stick with "Getting Rich is Simpler Than You Think", because I like the title better :)

I like "Povery to Prosperity" the best because it stresses the importance of the discipline aspect. After all, a PLAN is useless without ACTION!

Suze Orman Videos? What's the winner get? :-) LOL! I would go with "Getting Rich is Simpler than You Think."

Go with Getting Rich is Simpler...

Poverty to Prosperity

It's the simple form of the message that makes the difference.

I favored "Poverty To Prosperity" over "Getting Rich Is Simpler Than You Think" because it more realistically addressed those of limited, small and fixed incomes.

I'd go with "Getting Rich is simpler..", it has the example numbers,and simple principle with fund info right there.

It's close, but I like "Poverty to Prosperity" a bit more.

for me its "Poverty to Prosperity" ... it cannot get broken down into simpler terms.

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