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April 14, 2006


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The cost for alcohol and coffee is for having it served, but it is considerably cheaper to pour booze or brew coffee at home. This may be the compromise between decadence and miserliness.

>the average smoker pays $1,600 more annually, on average, on health-care costs than a non-smoker.

Yeah, but smokers don't have to worry about saving a lot of money for retirement.

Not only do I drink my booze at home, but I brew my own beer to further cut down on costs. Works out much better that way. It is more expensive than buying budweiser, but it is much tastier and still cheaper than buying most of the local craft brews or imports that I like.

Although, I do still buy some of the local beers to have at home...

Well, coffee is not much of a vice if you drink the regular stuff and don't go out for the fancy brews. Health-wise it's no worse than eating processed foods -- in fact there are those who would claim eating fast food consistently is much worse than drinking coffee or alcohol, moderately.

Anything in excess is a vice!

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