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April 17, 2006


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This might not be available to everyone, but there are some grocery stores which sell gas at a discount if you've bought groceries from them in the last month. Kroger is one in my area, and I think Wal-Mart does that as well. Also, I use a cash-back credit card. It's not a great comfort, but it's nice to know that when prices go higher, I'll be racking up more points.

hmm, you know I actually never read the one about putting car in shade before, makes sense, but never thought about it that way.

Your driving habits make a huge difference in what gas mileage you get. I track my mpg on a regular basis and I drive a Focus that generally gets right around 30 mpg. Then I read an article about how to drive better to improve your mpg. I put some of the techniques into place and I actually got up to 34 mpg. That is a 13% increase!!! The basic idea was to remove rapid acceleration and deceleration.

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