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April 11, 2006


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I rather like the format it is in now. This isn't to say I won't also like the new format you choose next month, but this one does well for me.

As for increased participation w/decreased post count, that seems to be fairly standard when you are a site that normally pumps out 5-10 posts per day. Darren Rowse at experienced that after his huge posting rush last August ended.

People don't have time to digest what you are writing if you put out too much all at once.

Anyone else out there like this post format/topic? If so, I'll keep it. If you're not interested in it though, just say so. My sense is that it's "ok" but maybe not something most of you are interested in.

I am interested and like the format .... it reminds me of some similar items I need to do and is a reminder that time is passing .... seeing the updates reminds me I need to do some things.

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