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April 13, 2006


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He's right. by the time the general public gets any news on stocks, most of the money has already been made and is already incorporated into the price.

I don't agree that individuals can't make money on individual stocks -- there's an advantage in not having a TON of money to move that makes up for not having a ton of information. (When you're moving a LOT of money into a stock, it takes several days to make the purchase, and if you do it too fast or too slowly you spike the price before you can finish.)

HOWEVER, I definitely agree that index funds just make sense as the place to be. Not because indexes are more reliable that a random collection of stock; but rather because they have low manager overhead. I _love_ those low overheads. If the manager's not doing anything for me, doggone it, I'd better not be paying anything for the privledge :-).


I've only read good things about index funds and I know I'll start with those.

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