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April 18, 2006


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Maybe I'm just a money geek, but I think budgeting is kind of fun. If I budget, then I know how much money I CAN spend on sundries, and I'm not worrying about, "Can I afford this? Should I buy this?"

I think the negative connotation is from the word budget........I like your new names ....I think of mine as a financial plan for my life..a road map to get to where I want to go. Definately a good thing not a downer!

I'm sick of all the flack the budget gets. It's the bedrock of all things financial. If your budget is on target, your money is on target. People just have a hard time facing the music of reality.

Personally, NOT budgeting is much more scary to me!

I love budgeting! Most of my budgeting is done in cash and some of my friends think I'm nuts. I have categories for blueberries (we buy and freeze 40 lbs a year) and the fair (5 bucks a month and we can go twice). I was standing in line at the fair last year and watched the families paying for their families. I said to my husband "how do people afford to go the fair?" Then I saw the we accept visa sign, and I realized that at $25.00 a child, most families are probably charging it on their credit cards. Even though budgeting can be challenging at first, I love to stand in line at the fair, cash in hand and know that I won't be paying for it next month when my visa statement comes.

I don't buget. Never have. I just pay all my bills on time. Save the rest in a bank account. I never buy on credit. If I need or want something. I buy it..providing I have the money for it. I tend to be a thrifty person. So if something seems expensive or out of my price range, I usually just do without it. This works well for me as I usually have enough in the bank to get what ever I want. I paid for my last vehicle straight up.... no loan. I've just never seen how a budget would be useful to someone like me.

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