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May 23, 2006


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I think gas-powered tankless water heaters have to vent to the outside, which is not a requirement for normal gas-powered heaters. This means extra effort/expense if you are retrofitting.

I don't know where you get you numbers for the cost of a tankless water heater and numbers of savings.

The way we figure things out from our own experience is that in a 10 year period we save $5040.00 ($40 a month) on the energy portion of our electric bill. Now let me say that we paid $295 for our unit(11.4 KW ) and $110 to install it.That is a total of $405 and subtract that from the $5040 savings and that gives us a savings of $4635.00. And that is not the best part of this picture. We have a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the unit and if it were to malfunction we have a distributor here in town with a 2 hour turn around of getting a new or repaired one for replacement. What a deal.

Something else to consider is that the USA is the only country that throws away 7.5 million TANK heaters away in the land fill each year.

I know of one family in a foreign country that had a free replacement of a tankless heater after 31 years. Try that at your company that made your TANK heater.

That is my opinion and I am sticking to it because it is true.

I just read recently that blankets on gas powered water heaters can be a fire hazard. Best to only use it with electric powered units.

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