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May 26, 2006


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Silly me, I married for love! Oh well, back to playing the lottery...

Four is a good idea, two you have no control over, and one/three both will cost more people than they will win over.

I think I'll stick to four. We won't have any money now, but down the road we have a lot of opportunity.

It's funny that not only will these ideas (most of the time) NOT make your rich, (much of the time) they may bankrupt you. Too many lotto-players and hot stock-chasers eventually loose their shirt. Not to mention number two: Those who spend, spend, spend thinking about daddy's money only to find out he gave it to his third wife who successfully executed number four!

I think everyone strives for number four but sometimes that love thing gets in the way :)

Marrying money isn't as easy as you think. Especially if you are a man. It is a tightrope that I am walking hoping to avoid signing a prenuptial agreement. I look forward to the time when I can say its sall good!

four is good

ya right, marry for money. I don't know anybody that works for. What a superfacial basis for a relationship. I am optimistic so I always go for the chance of winning the lottery. Dream big!

Folks, it's all about maintaining people's dignity. That's what probably helps as much as the money that comes from having a job. So I say sure, give people options to make some money from home, if they can.

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