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May 16, 2006


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Looks like a cool book

thanks FMf!

Great idea!

Trying again.

How can you financially keep handing over books? What's in it for you?


another run...


D --

I keep giving away books due to the generosity of the book's author, David Lorenzo.

I do it because:

1. It's fun!
2. I like to help people and this book will do it.
3. It causes excitement, traffic, and comments on the blog! ;-)

Seth, look at the "Ads by Google" down the sides of the page. Free Money Finance gets lots of visitors from people wanting to win books and gets paid by Google for displaying ads. It's a great idea!

I want to win this book!!

I'm in -- Thanks

I discovered your blog recently an dI love it. Keep up the good job!

Try, try again!

I'm In again

Wow! I am the lucky one for yesterday's giveaway. Thank FMF. Just want to encourage other readers of the blog: Don't give up. Your turn is coming. Now you have one less competitor.

29th time...

I will the book to me!

One more time!

In again.. and not counting :)

Please enter me

Love this blog! Thans for the opportunity!

Come on! Come on!!! This is the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pick me!

Book me, Dano.

hope ...

I can't wait to see and read. Thanks!

I like your requiring a reason post better.

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