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May 16, 2006


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I deserve a free copy because I am eager to apply the information to my own search, and I am always happy to get things for free (the cost of commenting is zip). I have a well of career intensity, and perhaps this book will be the bucket that harvests the intensity so I can use it! I'm young and I'd love to get a fabulous start on my career. I'd use its advice and then either give it to a friend who needed it or give it to my local library - spread the wealth. Thanks for your site!

I deserve and need this book! I'm at a turning point in my life where my career is stagnant and I want to get out of this rut! I have drive, ambition and vision. I just need guidance manuvering through the maze. This book would really help and be much appreciated.
Thank you!

My fiance and I are getting married this summer and moving together to a new location. We are in our mid-20s, and the book would be wonderful for us--but especially for my fiance--as we embark on our new careers. Both of us are trying to become financially literate early on to position ourselves for short and long-term financial success. We've seen the mistakes parents, friends, and acquaintances have made, and we are resolved not to repeat them. We really enjoy your blog and find it very helpful.

After working for 15 years I finally realized that I was not going anywhere without a degree. After a little debate I quit my job and at the age of 35 I registered for classes at the local university. Now I've been unemployed for 4.5 years and pretty soon I'll be hitting the bricks looking for a job. I'm at a turning point.. do I go back to the field in which I felt comfortable, or do I take a chance and do something new. I'm looking to do something new... my goal now is to find that perfect job, pay off my home (my only debt) and become financially wealthy within 5-10 years. It's possible... you just have to have the right state of mind! (or a book with a some ideas!) :-)

I am about to be at the starting point of my career as I will be finishing graduate school soon and would love to get my career off to a great start. My wife is a stay-home mom and plans to be permanently. We plan to have a fair number of kids, still fund retirement accounts and pay for part of their college educations. This all requires me to have "intensity" in my career! I have watched my parents and other in their careers and want as many edges up on the world as I can get. This book would be a major step in the right direction!

I have just graduated from a full-time MBA program and I will shortly be starting at in a prestigious financial leadership program at a Fortune 30 company. This book will really help me start my new career off in the right way.

book please

It's shocking how many fewer responses this post has than the ones where people only need to post. From my view, several of the comments above seem to deserve a copy of the book. To be honest, compared to the other posters, I don't deserve a book. Cheers to you folks, especially G, Pam, and David. Best of luck!

I am in the same situation as David, except that my fiance is quitting her job as soon as we get married this summer so that she can go back to school. I will be the sole income for the next 3 years until she gets her law degree, and then she will be reentering the workforce. Having an idea of how to manage my career will help us get through the next few years, and having an idea how to manage hers will be very helpful as she decides what she wants to do as she finishes up school.

Well I was going to say that I'm getting married this summer and miving to a new location where I'll be starting a new career in management and be the sole breadwinner (all true). But each of those points is taken. So a vote for me is a vote for all of the above!
Michael Jaz

Well, some GREAT reasons why you deserve a book.

I think you ALL deserve one, so that's what I'm going to do. All of you who have posted so far (except you, Tom. "Book please is not a reason. ;-)) will get a book!!!!!

All you need to do is follow the instructions above and email me within the next week, tell me you won for "best reason", etc.


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