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May 10, 2006


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Mr Kobrick I won your book last week through FMF and have yet to start reading, but it's on my desk here. My question is with stocks that are about to split. How would you suggest to invest in these stocks? I will just keep the question general without a whole lot of detail.

Good morning, this is Fred.
I will be away form my ocmputer for some hours, but aswer a couple now and the others you aks later on today, so ask away.
On the question of keeping equity in your house but investing, start small, and learn and steer proftis into the best. Keep in mind that only $1,650 dollars invested in Wal Mart when it came publci became $32 million 30 years later, but investors took some off thetable and used it for cacars, college, houses. Nothing is too small to put into a stock, index fund, mutual fund--just start and learn all you can.

ON stock splits, it is just twice as many shares but at half the price so the amount of money you have remains the same. It is a non-issue, pretty much, it just keeps the price down for more small investors who like low priced stocks, so instead of buying 100 shares at $40, let's say--$4,000, you can 200 shares at $20 for the same $4,000, etc.

When you start the book, go into chap. one and seee how on page 9 one story changed how I looked at stocks right when I was graduating, look at the two-page epilogue that tells you why it is mostly common sense that makes the differnce, and look at some of the chapter opeinings with great stories--and lessons that go with the stories. That will get you involved and then you can go go through the book in order. FK

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