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May 05, 2006


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It's interesting that the number one cause for debate is spending too much and saving too little, because last night my husband and I had a disagreement about precisely the opposite. He feels that I'm too intent on saving and that I don't allow enough spending.

Any other PFBloggers have similar conflicts?

My wife and I sometimes have the same discussion. She's REALLY frugal and the subject usually comes up when I want to buy something expensive (like a new road bike). However, it can come up with something as small as there's no ketchup for the hamburgers that night for dinner because ketchup wasn't on sale this week!!! ;-)

I agree with you about spenders and savers marrying each other, but not for the reason that you cited. My wife and I are both savers. We actually reinforce it in each other. However, we each have things we will spend on. There are times when one of us is more willing to spend than the other. Even two savers will have different ideas of how much saving is required and what to spend on.

I agree totally that spenders often marry savers. I am a spender but my husband is a good saver, he always want to be convinced before i spend on anything big. Initially we argued about it but when i realized that he was only helping me i allowed him to win. Now he manage our spending account and i am really enjoying the good savings we are making.

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