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May 15, 2006


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You probably do not need to worry about the insulation on the water heater. You can do a touch test... if it feels warms, you are losing heat. If it feels about room temperature, you are probably fine. Warning: do not touch the pipes, unless you want to get burned. Also, be catious when touching the water heater. If you can feel the heat radiating from it without making contact, it may be hot enough to burn you. /disclaimer

Newer water heaters are pretty good about heat loss. I am considering switching to a tankless, on demand, water heater. The sooner you switch, the quicker you get a return on your investment. I think that is a good way to cut your energy costs yearround.

We bought a new water heater last year (also without a blanket). I am not convinced that it needs one as it is not even warm to the touch. I would think wrapping your hot water pipes where they are exposed would provide greater savings in your situation.


I did a fair amount of research on the tankless heaters. The added cost over a newer, more efficient tank-based heater is significant. For us, who spend about $15 a month on hot water it just didn't make sense to pay double the cost. With the number of bathrooms we have we would have needed a couple of units too in order to meet potential demand.

Just a comment re: leaving curtains open during the day. In certain areas where there is a tremendous amount of sun as is the case in my area (Southern California), you risk sun damage to furniture, carpets etc. (sun bleaches the fabrics) when leaving curtains open all day. The money you save might not be worth the money you spend reupholstering and/or purchasing new items.

Have you ever tried air-activated hand & foot warmers? They are great, I think low cost (.69 cents to $2.00) and Very effective for Cold Weather, back pain, or arthritis! I have always had cold hands and feet and started using their hand warmers at a young age for skiing, but now I use the thin adhesive body warmers and hand warmers everyday!
I prefer the brand - Grabber Warmers - because they last the longest and can be purchased at just about any sports store and hardware store, Bed, Bath & Beyond. Grabber also has so many different types of warmers to choose from: ear, hand, body, foot and toe warmers….now they just need to come out with a cooling product for me in summer time. Handwarmers only run about $.60-$1.00 and they last all day! The Adhesive Warmers are my #1 Favorite! Yep, I'd say that if you cannot afford to move to the south in winter or afford to pay the huge heating bills that come from cranking up the heat, then Grabber Warmers are the financially smart trick to staying warm this Christmas and keep your heating bills low! I buy warmers from

Yeah, that post was blatant advertising. Don't listen to that post up there.

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