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May 16, 2006


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I could never get into the gas price websites. I'd rather just drive by and find out.

The only time I'd consider going way out of my way for gas is if I could save 20 or 30 cents per gallon (which used to be the case when I was in CT near the Massachusetts border some 8 or 9 years ago).

There are a couple different gas stations that I go to regularly. I used to go to one station which always had the cheapest prices, but after being delayed 5 times in a row and the final time being harassed by an overworked manager, I swore off the place. It wasn't worth the hassle, especially since you could not just pay at the pump. I only went there once since I swore off it, when I had a diesel rental after moving to my house. They were the first place I found with a diesel pump, and I wasn't comfortable driving a vehicle 3 times larger than my ranger.

The stations around me are always within a few cents of each other. There is a streetcorner with three stations on my way to work, I'll stop wherever is cheapest and use my Discover Platinum Gas Rebate card (5% back on gas) and I really don't care too much about price.

One thing that is always a concern for me, however: I live in Ohio and I work in Kentucky. The gas formulations are different between the two states (due to environmental laws) and I always get about 10% lower gas mileage on Kentucky gas. Because of this, I always try to time my fillups so that I'm getting gas in Ohio.

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