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May 02, 2006


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I completely agree about focusing on your career and becoming an expert at whatever you do. I have struggled with wanting to dabble in various areas of life, which is not a bad thing, but to become successful you must love what you do and be an expert about it. It is absolutely true that your income and career is your greatest wealthy building tool.

Education is important, but how you apply that education is essential to it being effective. You can have an MBA, but if you are not great at working with people, motivated, and passionate about what you do, you will never use that education to its fullest extent.

Great Post FMF

Being an expert in a particular area generally involves excellent skills at a very small number of things. However, it also involves a minimum level of skill at various peripheral things. For example, no matter how technical your area of expertise is, being able to communicate effectively about it is a skill worth cultivating. I personally find little need to speak to large audiences, but I can't ingore the need to communicate in writing and speaking to small groups.

Furthermore, it is never a mistake to understand how your employer and/or customers make money. Know what they make a profit at and what is costing them. Your value to them lies in how you can improve that bottom line, either by increasing profits or decreasing costs.

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John Poonyane

I agree. Steven Covey talks about "sharpening the saw" as Harv Eker and Tony Robbins says "you have to grow and your money will too."

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