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June 15, 2006


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It's a good idea to do the homework first (like reading CR) and then making the decision. I bought an extended warrantee on my car...but I drive a japanese model with a really good it wasn't the smartest move. I wish I hadn't, and I won't in future.

I've heard both sides of the argument. I usually buy the extended warranty, especially when it comes to electronics. I bought a Samsung 55" HD TV in December of 2007, model HL-S5679W. I was very pleased with the purchase. 13 months in and one month off of the manufacturer warranty, the set stopped turning on. Lucky that I had the 4 year warranty. Best Buy came to my house and a technician actually soldered 3 new capacitors onto one of the system boards. Seems that they were under sized in the design. All is well until last week 8-14-09, when the TV refused to turn on again. Technician comes out and confirms that the TV has a bad power supply. More under sized capacitors?. The part is no longer available and Best Buy had to replace this TV with a new one.

Bottom line..if I had not purchased the 4 year warranty, I'd have a $2500 paper weight in my family room.

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