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June 20, 2006


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One way to be a quality used car is to purchase from rental agencies and lessors. The truth is a lot of low mileage used cars on lots come from these sources.

For instance, Enterprise has car sales lots all over the country where they sell off-fleet cars. At least with a rental car you know the oil has been changed and you can generally get a car at less than KBB.

(Full Disclosure: I am not an uninterested party but I don't get a commission for selling cars)

Kirk --

Not a bad idea but...

Have you ever driven a rental car? Would you want to buy a car that's been driven that way? ;-)

How do you set up the bidding process with dealers? Selecting several and then emailing all the most recent (lowest) bid?

I identified them from web searches (dealers in my area), gave them exact specifications I wanted, then let the bidding begin. When someone came in with a high bid, I shot them an email back saying something like, "I need you to do better than that." If they could, they'd give me a better price and get back into the game. If they couldn't, they were eliminated.

I guess my suggestion was more for those that advocate to buy used. If you buy a low mileage used car, where do you think it comes from? Would you rather buy a rental car that a company does put it's name on or one it doesn't?

This is why we always buy new. I don't have the will (or knowledge) to determine what is a decent used car and what isn't.

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