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June 19, 2006


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A lot of the articles for new grads suggest that you live like a college student for a few more years.. The only problem with this is that a lot of college students, aren't living like they are college students! Exhibit A, my alma mater finished building some crazy nice dorms basically the second I left. They are 1 to 9 bedroom apartments (the larger ones have two kitchens, two bathrooms, two living rooms, etc.) There is a Starbucks, a mini gym, a convenience store, and a parking garage all attached to this giant apartment building. All of the rooms have super-high-tech-jetfighter internet, free cable, double beds, and are all SINGLE ROOMS!! The kitchens have dishwashers and nice appliances, and everything of course comes furnished.

To give you an idea of what I think about this: my senior year of college, I lived in (literally) an 8x10 single room, and shared a bathroom with 5 people, and a kitchen with more than 80. I paid more than $4,000 for this piece of crap. My mother commented that the place I lived between graduating and getting a job (one room on the 3rd floor of an ancient duplex I shared with 4 other people) was the nicest place I had ever had.

Now, do you think the kids who live there are going to enjoy adjusting to the real world where they can only afford a studio, don't have three sinks in the bathroom, and have to buy their own furniture? It's not going to be pretty...

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