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June 21, 2006


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I really take issue with #4: "There Is No Quitting Time"

Why? Well, I work in a company where the management seems to think that our sole purpose in life is to work for this company. Because of this, they don't see anything amiss with keeping employees at work until 7 or 8 PM. I don't mind putting in extra time once in a while, but to see it as a daily requirement from management is galling. To me, this is not a worthwhile tradeoff.

It all comes down to the root of why we're making the money in the first place. My focus on money comes from a desire to be comfortable in life, and secure my family's future. Ultimately, it's not very comfortable to work all evening every day, nor will my family have much future if I'm spending all my time at work rather than spending time with family. Personally, I value my family over my work, and if that means I'll suffer in my career in the long run, then so be it: my reasons for working are for myself and my family, at the root - not so that I can be a career powerhouse.

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