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June 19, 2006


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Somebody who takes tickets doesn't get tips, though. I bet that a lot of the people who cook food still make out better. This is averaging the restaurants that share tips from the waitstaff with the kitchen staff, anyway.

My mom worked in a deli during the summer in college... She got to slice up the cow tongue because the other girl wouldn't touch it. She said that motivated her more than anything else to finish up quickly, otherwise she'd have to come back and work there!

I also had a personal mission to not have to learn how to work a cash register unless it's my own business. =)

That is an interesting list but it doesn't take into account any tips one would receive. I used to work as a blackjack dealer and know that almost every casino pays just a little above minimum wage. Looking at salary only the list is correct; with tokes though dealers make anywhere from $30,000 to $70,000 a year. It is one of the best paying unskilled jobs there is. You only need to take a two week course and you are ready to go. Of course as with most jobs, a good personality will lead to better positions.

This only covers the bottom rung of restaurant jobs though- I am a restaurant manager, my corp. starts management at $36,000 and pay ranges upwards to $65,000 for managers of busier stores. District managers make up to $125,000. Not bad for a high schoolers job with no formal training required......

as a dealer i make damn good money. yes we are paid a flat rate and it depends on the establishment you work at, but the tokes are what make our salary. those players that say "you work for the house" are uninformed. if the player doesnt win -- then we dont make money. a player that is likely to win at the table is is likely to tip. a cocktail waitress averages about 200 a day (depending) but a dealer is relying on the player to tip.

all in all IT IS NOT THE WORST PAYING JOB. as a matter of fact i made well over 60,000 year as a dealer and i also have a college degree. i prefer this line of work since i like the interaction with the players. please remember that the dealers work for the players and when you find a good dealer, stick with them, they will always steer you in the right direction.

and lets not mention the contectios you can aquire while working either. people should do thier research before making such a post.

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