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July 20, 2006


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This is a great way to add an enjoyable hobby to your life that also has good health benefits. It also makes for some interesting dinners! My wife and I have eaten zucchini about fifteen different ways since our garden started producing... and pretty soon we'll have to figure out how to eat at least a hundred pounds of tomatoes!

I'd be curious to hear whether you think the financial benefits outweigh the time costs. I come from a family of gardners - and true gardening is hard work (ie exercise), and if you produce fresh produce you can save money (in terms of not buying groceries).

But the time investment is HUGE. I'm not sure this is a tip that would be useful to most people who don't have a conception of the original work put in. Plus, the start-up costs of a garden are pretty expensive, if you want to begin afresh. Bug-be-gone products, in their myriad forms, are actually pretty expensive.

To produce a lot of food (especially for a family) you need a really big garden, and an even bigger freezer.

Depending upon the method you use to start your garden, the time invested in maintenance can be very low. My wife and I spend less than an hour per week in our garden. Instead of pesticides, we use a diluted mix of dish soap with some garlic oil and jalapeno oil mixed in. It does a lot to keep the insects away.

I would say, however, that a vegetable garden does little, if anything, to improve the value of your home. Landscaping gardening is where the money is. more benefit: there's always this wonderful sense of satisfaction and reward that comes from getting something to grow!

I think this is a silly suggestion. I would go with a much cheaper option - an hour for me is worth 80$ today - so I would rather use a landscaper before I sell the home ;) costs less than one hour a week for 5 years @ 80$ an hour.

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