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July 05, 2006


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How to create some extra cash:
1. Make painting as your hobby and negotiate with a shop willing to sell your finished product. If it sells both you and the businessman earns money;
2. Be willing to baby sit siblings whose parents are both working. You can do this by printing a business card, working couples are willing to pay baby sitters a reasonable amounts of cash;
3. Sell all items which are no longer usable and stuck in the warehouse, it will afford you some extra cash;
4. If you are fun with children you can tutor elementary students as supplemental for their learning in schools - subjects like math, English and history. Parents are willing to pay for tutors who can improve the grades of their siblings;
5. Advertise in your community that you are willing to encode manuscripts, letters or even books. Students and would be authors will be willing to part their money for helping encode the writings they want to impart;
6. Be willing to be a middleman in sudden purchases whose buyer do not have the time to canvass the prices of commodities. You can earn commissions with proper representations from the seller;
7. With your idle monies - buy massive stocks when the par values are low and sell when stocks are high;
8. Do not discard empty bottles, old newspapers and plastics, there are always companies who recycle those unused items, hence an opportunity to earn extra cash;
9. Do not leave old books in your bodegas, instead there are plenty of bookstores who are willing to accept those old books on a consignment basis;
10. Shop with a full stomach, it will discourage you to squander money at your whims, hence you create some extra cash by saving;
11. Buy goods by bulk because they are much cheaper than buying per piece. You create extra cash by saving money;
12. Spend only on your needs rather on your wants, hence you earn extra money by saving;
13. Delay your instant gratification by delaying buying things by saving your money in the bank instead, hence you earn extra money by saving;
14. Save your money by earning extra cash, since when you save the double effect of savings is applied. If you save $100 the effect is $ 200, since $ 100 was saved plus the other $ 100 if you could have spent it, hence every time you save a corresponding equal amount is earned. Remember a penny save is penny earned;
15. Donate monies to charitable cause, the amount you donate is tax deductible in your business tax, hence you earn additional extra cash by saving additional amount of taxes payable;
16. You can be a match maker, you can get profiles of single men and women and match their compatibilities, if their relationships end up in a nuptial, you can charge the bride groom a reasonable amounts of cash.

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