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July 20, 2006


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Thats a good one! Wish I had thought of that when I made my list of saving money. Maybe you should add it to my list, as it both saves money AND reduces trash!


If you really want to save money, help the environment, and be healthier. Drink water (Note: The first 2 benefits don't apply to bottled water)!
Seriously, water is free at every eating establishment (and the office), it's also very cheap at home.
Water is better for your than caffeinated syrup drinks (aka Soda). And all you need to do to help the environment is drink water from a mug or sports bottle and you have zero waste.
As Penn and Teller put it, your taxes pay for one of the best water systems in the world, why not use it.

I am new to personal finance blogs. I am also new to life post-Starbucks.
My husband and I had developed the terrible habit, as a self-employed couple, of making a run to Starbucks every day. To the tune of $8/day. $240/month. I'm sure you can do the math!!

We have turned from our evil ways. This is Day 38 without Starbucks. We are much richer now. And just as caffeinated as ever. And hopeful that we will be able to retire some day!

I was at the grocery store at lunch and remembered this post. I bought a 12 pack of soda for my office. Throw a few in the fridge at a time. Guess it was a good thing the soda machine was sold out.

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